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Drug Rehab Stamford gave me back hope
I had a very positive experience at Drug Rehab Stamford. A lot of individuals don’t really realize that the facility is for people in recovery from active addictions, and so they’re not on vacation. As long as you remember that, and use the tools they give you to recover and never try to ‘hook up’ with your housemates, then you can make rehab work for you. Drug Rehab Stamford gave me back hope that I could have a happier life, and I can’t express how grateful I am. I’m so thankful they gave me my life back.
, Stamford Dec 23, 2011

Allow them to assist you.
Drug Rehab Stamford has a really caring staff and they take responsibility for almost everything to get you into their program, so you basically have to call and they handle it. Drug Rehab Stamford is very experienced and good at what they do, so it’s to your advantage if you allow them to assist you.
, Stamford Jun 15, 2011

I’m so extremely thankful.
Rehab isn’t a good place for your ego, and you need to be ready to be humble there. It was most essential for me to get my family back, and Drug Rehab Stamford has weekly family visitation and education during which they can learn about addiction and the best way to support addicts in recovery. If I hadn’t called Drug Rehab Stamford’s hotline for help then I didn’t think I would have gotten my family or life back. I’m so extremely thankful.
, Stamford Apr 16, 2011

I didn’t have to try getting sober alone.
The staff at Drug Rehab Stamford is also very knowledgeable and compassionate. Even though I really hated group work at first, I think it was a crucial part of rehab. I hated sharing because I was embarrassed and ashamed of my actions - I wasn’t proud. After listening and having the counselors push me, I began to realize that everyone there was in the same boat as I was, and I didn’t have to try getting sober alone.
, Stamford Feb 3, 2012

Drug Rehab Stamford helped me get in the proper frame of mind
I actually needed time to think and clear my head, and Drug Rehab Stamford helped me get in the proper frame of mind. I required a couple of days in detox, which helped to ease the withdrawal symptoms, but didn’t 'cure' me. Their facility is focused on recovery, why you require therapy, and the right way to function in the 'real world’ without using. Drug Rehab Stamford’s program works, however you need to learn to be compliant and do what the employees and counselors are suggesting.
, Stamford Nov 24, 2011

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